Under $20 Valentine Gift Ideas for Him & Her

Happy February everyone! I know everyone is calling it the month of love but to me it’s just February. Every month should be filled with the same amount of love!
I hope you are all having a wonderful start to this month especially because January felt like it was 43426 days long, am I right?!

I wanted to do a valentines themed post but it took me a while to actually do it! I was debating on doing a date night outfit/makeup post but you guys voted for a gift guide on Twitter so here we are! This was hard because my boyfriend and I do like to celebrate valentines but not really with gifts. We like to do something different, go somewhere we’ve never been before and try something new! We’ve done gifts before but we never go crazy, especially now because we are moving out we are on a budget! When I sat down and planned out this post I decided to do a gift guide with gift ideas under $20 because I believe the best gifts are homemade but if you guys are either on a budget or just want a little something to add to your day, this gift guide is the way to go! A little something for him, her or BOTH! Nothing better than a gift you can share together.



  1. Love Poems by Nobel Laureate ($15.95) Or any other book under $20! There are tons of books to choose from, this one is actually a good gift for him too! You can find books about everything and there is always a section with discounted books. Weather it’s a novel, poetry or even a table side book you can’t go wrong with this gift idea! The fact that this is poems about love makes it that much sweeter for Valentines day, and if you really want to get creative take some sticky notes and mark the pages that remind you most about your special someone! ( a gift with a homemade/special touch is the best kind of gift)
  2. Personalized Wine Glass ($14.00) This is so sweet! If your lady likes wine as much as I do this is a great gift! It’s a take on her favourite drink with a personal sweet saying! You don’t have to get this exact one you can get anything on a wine glass these days but I thought this was super cute if it’s coming from your partner. If she doesn’t like wine, get her a coffee mug or a champagne flute!
  3. Candle for her ($14.62) Okay is any girl going to disagree that candles are just the best thing ever, especially when they’re given to you? I know I’m obsessed, so let me tell you if you get your girl a candle she will most likely love it. This one is pink so it’s perfect for valentines! Get a cute card with this candle, and there you go!
  4. Lush Gift Box ($17.95) I love that Lush does their pre packed boxes! They range in price and have awesome products inside! You can get anywhere from 2 products to like 24 so it appeals to everyones budget! This “In Your Dreams” box is great, it’s under $20 and gives you two products! Again, add a personal card with this and you’re golden!


  1. Candle for him ($15.00) Candles aren’t just for ladies, amiright? Gentlemen love a good scented candle wether their willing to admit it or not! I know my boyfriend loves candles and almost always (even after 3 years) puts one to burn before I come over to make his room smell good! There are some awesome scents out there that are more musky and earthy, so don’t be afraid to get your guy a candle this valentines!
  2. Hair & Body Wash ($11.20) There are lots of great hair and body duo’s at places like Winners and Marshalls that you can find for your budget! These are great and sometimes even come in a handy toiletry bag! I always get my boyfriend little products like this to try out and he loves it!
  3. Beard Oil ($16.95) This goes with number 2 as well, if you have a bigger budget you can find a set that contains all of these products but if not you can get them separate! This beard oil is under $20 but you can also find some really cool ones at Sephora. If your guy has a beard and has never tried beard oil before this might be a nice gift for him!
  4. Valentines Boxers ($16.26) These are just so cute! As cheesy as they might be I think their a cute idea for a valentines gift on a budget! Just like I was saying with the girls gifts, wrap these up and top it off with a sweet handwritten card and you’ve got yourself a gift!


  1. Plants ($12.93 for one) I know this might not be for everyone, but we love plants. It reminds me of the love fern from “How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days”. You can gift these adorable succulents or cactus to each other with a cute saying on it or a homemade card and take care of them together! These are great for new homeowner couples as well!
  2. Photo Album ($14.00) This is a Polaroid album and a cute under $20 gift ideas for both of you! Fill this up fully or with a couple of your favourite photos and then fill the rest up together!
  3. Lush Bath Bomb ($19.95) This is a great gift for both of you also, give it to your loved one with a note that sets up a romantic spa night with a bath and some drinks! Pamper each other and relax!
  4. Most Likely To…/Any board game ($19.95) We love board games! Go out and find a game that you can play with two players and gift it to your partner! Plan a games night in together!

These are just a guideline if you’re trying to find something small this valentines! Like I said before a homemade gift goes a long way and it could be something as simple as a handwritten letter and then if you want to add that extra something, try out these ideas!


  1. Skyla
    February 6, 2018 / 11:26 pm

    Loooove this!!! So creative

    • samanthaalexandra
      February 11, 2018 / 9:19 pm

      Thank You!

  2. Skyla
    February 6, 2018 / 11:28 pm

    Looove this!!! Super creative

  3. Ang
    February 7, 2018 / 1:46 am

    Awesome post!

  4. February 7, 2018 / 2:25 am

    I agree February is just February! I am most excited for the sales after Valentines day TBH, I love me some cheap chocolate and treats! Definitely agree with the candles and Lush bits and bobs! Two of my all time FAVOURITE things! I am obsessed with plants too, my room might as well be a greenhouse! I still have the succulent you gave me last year too 😉 (she is doing very well!) Moving out must be so exciting! I wish you both luck, I know it will be amazing and you will love decorating it all! xx

    • samanthaalexandra
      February 11, 2018 / 9:21 pm

      Ah no way! I’m very impressed that little guy is still alive, and I’m glad it’s doing well haha
      Thanks Zoe! Still have a few months to go but we are excited and I CANNOT wait to decorate…I’ve already started shopping for it!

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