What I got for Christmas – 2017

I love seeing everyones blog posts about what they got for Christmas so I thought I would share what I got as well!
Christmas is my favourite time of year, not because of the gifts, but because I get to spend it with the people I love. The joy that fills Christmas time is just unmatchable!
This Christmas-Eve we spent at my aunts house for dinner, Christmas Day is spent at home with my family in the morning drinking mimosas, to my grandmothers house for an early dinner (my favourite meal of the year) Then finished off at my boyfriends house spending the rest of the night with his family. It always comes and goes so quickly!
I wanted to share with you a few things that I got this Christmas!

What do you Meme? – A hilarious adult card game! If you’re anything like me, a board game of any kind is the best thing I could get! This was such a thoughtful gift!
Crystal Pineapple Paper Weight – A beautiful addition to my desk
Cala Rose Quartz Makeup Brush Set – I’ve been saying I need new make-up brushes for a while now!
Toronto Maple Leaf Plush Doll- This was the cutest gift! Along with it I also got a Matthews Leaf shirt, I am always searching for my favourite sports team apparel! I find that the women’s selection is never as good as the mens so everyone knows that if they find something that isn’t cheesy looking, I will love it!
Pink Pom Pom Toque – Another goodie to add to my hat box!
HP Sprocket & refills – I have wanted this ever since I heard about it, and I am over the moon happy that I finally got it! I love my Polaroid instant camera, but sometimes the photos don’t come out and I have a yearly scrapbook that I like to put photos in as they happen so this is the perfect gift to print my favourite photos instantly!
Fluffy Poncho – This was my Christmas-Eve gift! This poncho is technically a PJ but I have been wearing it everyday at the cottage and will probably live in it forever.
The Wishbone Collection Sandal – Now the photo above shows them in the tan colour because I couldn’t find them in the correct one. I got the ones in a very light blush pink! I’ve wanted these shoes for two summers now, my cousin Melissa has them in a couple colours and I have had my eye on them ever since. I usually get her hand-me-downs so I figured I would get a hold of these eventually but my mom was nice enough to surprise me with them this Christmas.
Bath Salts & Pink Soap Dispenser – How cute are these? I don’t even think I’m going to use the salts because the packaging is just so darn cute! MY family knows I will be moving out this year so they are slowly getting me things I know I would love in my new place.
Bailey Bow Ugg’s – I don’t care what anyone says about Ugg’s and girls who wear them. They are by far the WARMEST boot I have ever owned! Not to mention the bows make them so adorable! I am so happy to finally own these!
Blush Pink Robe – I got a robe a few years back for Christmas and have worn it to the point where I need a new one, so I’m very happy to welcome this one to my life.
Jeep Light covers – Anyone who doesn’t know, I have a 2016 Jeep Wrangler. My pride & joy. Alongside me, my brother and cousin have them also and we always change our soft tops and talk Jeep together. They both have light covers and I’ve always said I wanted them too so when my cousin Vince got me for secret Santa he knew exactly what to get me.
Instax Refills – This is the best kind of gift because it’s something I never buy myself and always need. My boyfriends throws these into every gift he gets me.
Jennifer Anniston Perfume – My students have been so kind to me this year, even though I tell them over and over that their handwritten cards are more than enough and honestly my favourite thing to receive at Christmas time. One of them was sweet enough to gift me this perfume knowing how much I love Friends and Jennifer.
Pineapple¬†& other ornaments – One of my other favourite things to receive at Christmas time is ornaments! I get unique ones every year and cannot wait to put them up on my own Christmas tree next year! This Pineapple one is adorable and I have a few that aren’t in the photo worth mentioning: ¬†two little mermaid ornaments, a beautiful blue and gold ball, a champagne bottle, and my favourite one from one of my best friends being a handmade gold ball with “Will you be my bridesmaid?” written on it, how sweet is that?!

This Christmas has been magical and I am so sad that it’s over, what was your favourite gift or memory from this Christmas?

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