Fall Fashion: Suede

I know, I know… fall is practically over but I wanted to quickly post one of my favourite fall outfits before it starts to snow! I had a ton of awesome fall favourites this season and almost all of them were suede! Everywhere I shopped this fall had layers and layers of suede dresses, shirts, boots, skirts,  you name it. I didn’t realize until I went into my closet and noticed that I had purchased mostly suede items! Now instead of putting them all on and doing a crazy photoshoot I thought I would feature a few of my favourite items from my fall collection of suede and great fall finds.

I have worn this suede Burgundy dress a few times now I even have it in pink) and honestly it’s perfect for pretty much any occasion. I wore it downtown for a night out in the city, for a casual family thanksgiving dinner, on a date night with my boyfriend (and obviously strolling in the park for this photoshoot). You could even dress it up if you had a fancier occasion, it’s a simple enough piece that you can add whatever you like to fit wherever you’re going. Oh……It also has pockets (if you’re anything like me just the fact that it has pockets makes it a must have)

THESE BOOTS. Okay let me tell you that I’ve been on the hunt for thigh high boots for over a year now and I finally found them. I have a pair of flat bottom knee high boots that I loved but I wanted something more sophisticated yet also comfortable. You can find boots like this everywhere but for me they were either flat or way too high of a heel for everyday use, until I came across these and let me just say that as much as these boots look great with jeans I have barely worn pants this fall because these boots are so comfy, warm and super stylish with a dress or skirt. I ended up buying these in a half size too big because they didn’t have my size and I just couldn’t leave them. I also got an awesome, awesome deal on these, and who else can’t say no to a good deal? Anyone?

Lastly, this jacket. This was such an awesome purchase and probably my favourite from this season. My style has changed drastically over the past year and this jacket is a perfect representation of that. It is stylish, comfortable, and makes every outfit feel just a little more dressy. Now I can’t take all the credit here (because taking credit for something that isn’t yours just isn’t in my nature) My best friend Alex had purchased this jacket first, as soon as I saw it I turned to her and said I’m going to get that! It was one of those items I just knew I had to have in my closet and we share everything so she was cool with it. One of the best parts about this jacket is the material, it’s light and stretchy and because I got it in a beige tone it will also be perfect for the spring time!

Scroll through to see how I put together this outfit and shop these items below!





  1. Connor McCallum
    November 30, 2017 / 2:19 am

    I wish I was there for this photoshoot!

    • samanthaalexandra
      December 5, 2017 / 3:56 am

      I know! Next one!

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